Luis Segundo WANTED Evading Arrest


Luis Segundo wanted for Failure to Appear (FTA) in the Hidalgo County District Court, Hidalgo County, Texas, to answer criminal charges of “Evading Arrest Detention”. This is a simple misdemeanor case, so we’re not sure why he would run. But… Luis Segundo is now considered a fugitive from justice and is wanted by Anzaldua Bail Bonds Edinburg, a South Texas bail office, Edinburg Police Department, Hidalgo County Sheriff and possibly other authorities. Luis Segundo may be in hiding at certain locations in Edinburg, TX. Segundo may also be wanted for additional warrants in other jurisdictions other than Hidalgo County, Texas.

Luis Segundo Wanted

Luis Segundo Wanted


Last known whereabouts of the fugitive, Luis Segundo, was at his home at 1206 Encanto Apt 3, Edinburg, TX 78541. Knowing this may mean state jail time, Segundo is almost sure to be on the run and possibly in Edinburg ,Texas or North Carolina. We have word Walter Villarreal may be hiding out with a woman he met on Craigslist and are headed to North Carolina.

Mr. Segundo, if you are reading this important wanted message right now, we need you to contact Anzaldua Bail Bonds Edinburg; South Texas Bail Bonds Division immediately about your bail bond at 956.383.4116.

If you do not contact our office about your bail immediately, we will begin legal proceedings against your cosignor to recover any and all fees about your felony bail forfeiture.

Segundo, please understand and take into consideration that Anzaldua, Edinburg bail bonds agents of South Texas will relentlessly pursue you until you are returned to custody. Contact our Hidalgo County bail agents right now at (956) 383-4116 to turn yourself in (we are open 24/7).

Or, if you know the whereabouts of LUIS E. SEGUNDO and want to claim a substantial REWARD – click the reward button and send us an email; or fill out the detailed attached form below. One of our Edinburg bail bond agents will contact you immediately. Substantial reward will be issued upon Villarreal’s capture and your information will remain anonymous.


  • Not a mandatory field, but will be needed to issue the reward for your assistance helping Anzaldua Bail Bonds capture wanted fugitive, Luis Segundo
  • If you know the whereabouts of Luis Segundo, please input the information below. A bondsman with Anzaldua Bail Bonds will be in contact with you if the wanted fugitive is apprehended and your reward will then be issued.
  • Please enter as much detail as possible to help the Anzaldua bail bondsmen locate the fugitive to issue your reward faster. Information such as Last Known Whereabouts, who they are hanging out with, who is hiding them, phone numbers, addresses, type of car they are driving - anything you can think of to help. Again, we will protect your privacy. This and any other information you give is kept completely confidential.
  • Your information will be kept confidential. We will not share, rent or give out the information you place above. We appreciate your help in this matter.

LUIS ENRIQUE SEGUNDO Wanted Fugitive Information:

  • Full Name: Luis Enrique Segundo
  • AKA: Lewis Segundo, Enrique Segundo;
  • Date of Birth: March 28, 1998 | 03/28/1998
  • Height: 5′ 7″
  • Weight: 150 pounds
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Employer at time of Bond: McDonalds
  • Occupation at time of Bond: Cashier
  • Tattoos or Scars: Unknown
  • SID: TX-14193
  • CAUSE NO: CR-17-13050-E
  • Additional Information: Luis Segundo, although may not appear dangerous, he is on the run for a simple misdemeanor charge of Evading Arrest Detention. Please DO NOT approach or attempt to stop this wanted fugitive! Contact Anzaldua Bail Bonds in Edinburg, Hidalgo County Sheriff or your local police department if spotted immediately.

Last Known Whereabouts of Luis Segundo Wanted Fugitive:

This fugitive was last reported seen living in apartment #3 at 1206 Encanto, Edinburg, TX 78541

ATTENTION: HE MAY BE DANGEROUS. DO NOT APPROACH! Luis E. Segundo is a wanted fugitive with a felony charge “Evading Arrest Detention”. Please DO NOT ATTEMPT to capture or apprehend. Please Call Edinburg’s bail bond agents, Anzaldua Bail Bonds at (956) 383-4116 or your local law enforcement agency.


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