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About Posting Bond in Texas: How do bail bonds work?

If a person is arrested and wants to get out of jail, they will usually be asked to post bail. A bail bond is a money guarantee that the defendant will appear in court. After a person is arrested, they appear in court at a hearing where the judge sets a bail amount. Bail is the amount of money the court holds as a guarantee that the defendant will show up to court and all of the required proceedings until the case is over.

Once a judge determines the amount for a bond, the defendant can usually be released if they post the bond in cash or in assets.

In the United States, bail is a constitutional right; the Eighth Amendment specifically prohibits “excessive bail.” The private bail system in the United States costs taxpayers nothing and ensures that the accused will remain free to aide in their own defense.

If a loved one is arrested and you do not have enough cash on hand to cover the bail, we can help. We are available 24/7 every day of the year.

No one plans on getting arrested, but if you or someone you know does call:

Anzaldua Bail Bonds: “When you need someone you can count on.”

If you are making arrangements for someone else, here are a few things you will need to provide:

  • Defendant’s full name
  • Jail location that they have been taken to
  • Reason for arrest
  • Bail amount
  • Phone numbers where person arranging bond may be reached
  • Financial resources that might be used as collateral for bail
  • Prior arrests if any
  • Current employment status and place of employment
  • Defendant’s living arrangements
  • Names, Addresses and Phone Numbers for up to 5 family members and friends to be used as references

What will it cost and when do I get my money back?

At Anzaldua Bail Bonds, our fees are competitive and we truly believe you get the best value in Hidalgo County. Fees are non-refundable once the bond is posted. Depending on the degree of risk for a bond, additional collateral may be required. Collateral is necessary to guarantee the amount that we would have to pay if the defendant does not appear for their court date.

Once the case is resolved and there is no further need for a bail bond, collateral is returned, minus any expenses or fees incurred by Anzaldua Bail Bonds related to the issuance of the bond(s). These expenses may consist of, but are not limited to: Attorneys Fees & Court Costs; Bond Forfeiture Payments (Defendant fails to appear in court); Bounty Agent/Skip Tracer Fees & Expenses; Excess Travel Expenses; Long Distance Phone Charges Reimbursements.

Post Bond in South Texas | Hidalgo County Police Departments:

Alamo: 956-787-1454|956-787-0006|956-787-1454
Alton: 956-581-2602
Donna: 956-464-4481
Edcouch: 956-262-4721
Edinburg: 956-262-2149
Elsa: 956-381-9825
McAllen: 956-682-4321
Mercedes: 956 565-3102
Mission: 956-584-5000
Pharr: 956-787-8546
Progreso: 956-565-9266
San Juan: 956-223-2400
Weslaco: 956-968-8591

Hidalgo County Jail : Main Number:956-381-7900
Hidalgo County Jail : Releasing: 956-381-7969

Sheriff’s Department: 956-383-8114
Hidalgo County Clerk: 956-318-2100
Hidalgo District Clerk: 956-318-2200
Hidalgo County Court#1: 956-318-2375
Hidalgo County Court#2: 956-318-2380
Hidalgo County Court#4: 956-318-2390
Hidalgo County Court#5: 956-318-2640
Hidalgo County Court#6: 956-289-7400
Hidalgo County Court#7: 956-292-7780
Hidalgo County Court#8: 956-292-7740
Hidalgo County Probate Court: 956-318-2385

Hidalgo County Links to Post Bond:

Hidalgo County Clerk Website
Hidalgo County Courts Website
Hidalgo County District Clerk Website
Hidalgo County District Courts Website
Hidalgo County District Attorney Website
Hidalgo County Adult Probation Website
Texas Attorney General – Child Support Division Website
Hidalgo County Sheriff Website

Map To Hidalgo County Jail:

Hidalgo County Jail (El Cibolo Location)

Bondsmen Info

The following is information you should have readily available for your bondsman:
  • Your Name | Defendant Name
  • Your Phone Number
  • Jail Location
  • Amount of Bond(s)
Anzaldua Bail Bonds proudly serves all of Hidalgo County Texas

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