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If you are in need of Edinburg bail bonds we know it’s at this point you may be unsure who to use to get your loved one out of jail. An arrest is a serious matter and you may feel nervous, scared and worried for the person behind bars. Let Anzaldua Bail Bonds Edinburg handle this matter for you.Edinburg Bail Bonds

Anzaldua Bail Bonds Edinburg have been in business since 2004, and prior to that worked as bail bonds agent for other firms in Hidalgo County Texas. Edinburg is the gateway to the Rio Grande Valley (RGV) and as such has the same issues that other cities do when it comes to finding a professional bail bonds company.

We are professional Edinburg bail bonds agent and know that we must quickly secure the release of your friend or loved one from Hidalgo County Jail. fears and are written by licensed professional bail bonds agents of Hidalgo County, Texas. Open 24 hours per day and ready to serve you by writing the fastest Edinburg bail bonds.

Worried about Your Edinburg Bail Bonds Costs?

Edinburg Bail Bonds Calculator

Enter the amount of the Edinburg bail bond you need for the approximate cost of your bond:

Your bail rate is set by Hidalgo County law. It’s 10% and cannot be lower nor higher. If a bondsman offers you anything less, be sure to call around and ask. Or call and we’ll tell you with absolute honesty the amount of your bail.

If you’re worried about paying for the bail bond, please know that you have options. Any bail bonds in Edinburg can be paid for through financing or convenient payment plans. We know there are families who could not afford to pay the whole amount of their Edinburg bail bonds, so please, contact one of our licensed bail bondsman to discuss the details of the bond.

All bail bond consultations are free and conversations are kept strictly confidential.

Directions to Anzaldua Bail Bonds From Outside Edinburg

Anzaldua Edinburg Bail Bonds Contact Information:

Anzaldua Bail Bonds in Edinburg
14209 Bail Bond Drive
Edinburg, Texas 78542
Tel: 956.383.4116
Edinburg Police Department
1702 S. Closner Blvd.
Edinburg, TX. 78541
Tel: (956) 383-7411
Fax: (956) 381-6753
Web: http://www.cityofedinburg.com/police.php

Bondsmen Info

The following is information you should have readily available for your bondsman:
  • Your Name | Defendant Name
  • Your Phone Number
  • Jail Location
  • Amount of Bond(s)
Anzaldua Bail Bonds proudly serves all of Hidalgo County Texas

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Anzaldua Bail Bonds Edinburg

12409 Bail Bond Drive
Edinburg, TX 78542
United States
Tel: (956) 383-4116
Fax: (956) 380-2098

info @ anzalduabailbonds.com

Licensed in Hidalgo County # 900772